How to hook A.S.T.A.R job

The dream job - Computer Gaming

Reality Check - Why do we want a job?

  • We are not rich enough to retire
  • Do we really want to build a life around shopping and housework?
  • Are we happy to see other people getting on and succeeding without us?
  • When we are out in company and people talk about what they do, what will you say?
  • A change from home life
  • Be a role model for our children (wow, your dads a paramedic that's a cool job, my dad goes fishing)


Of the eighty plus organisations offering game design courses, only a handful are recognised within the industry. To work in the gaming industry, an A level in maths is a distinct advantage (often essential).

There are very few jobs in ‘computing', most people use them as tools to do other jobs. As for the IT department, you can't just walk into a job there; most of these require some relevant experience first. If you say you are good with computers, to an employer this means spread sheets word processing and data bases, not surfing the net. You may be asked what systems you have used.

How to start a job net

Barriers to employment
  1. Phone every member of your family and ask them if there are any vacancies where they work (even if you know there aren't, you never know) don't take no for an answer, and get them to speak to Human Resources (what used to be known as Personnel) This is important, they may not know about vacancies in other departments, only their own
  2. Tell them you will call back in three days to get an answer then again next week (it gently puts the pressure on)
  3. Now start with a few friends and do the same thing
  4. This is then most important part; ask them all to phone four people on your behalf and get them to speak to do the same thing
  5. six relatives and four friends have now become 40 active Job Searchers working for you
  6. It doesn't stop there, get everyone on the second rung to phone a few people on your behalf (get names so it encourages them to actually do it
  7. Get some business cards made up, these are unbelievably cheap, titled Jobseeker, with your name and contact details and some of your skills on (sometimes free from Vistaprint or £4 from a high street card machine, so if you ask anyone about a job, your contact details are to hand to give out carry them with you at all times
  8. Keep accurate records of your Job Net, who is asking who etc.
What is there about you that's stopping you get a job?

Use the A.S.T.A.R. Solution Map

A nalyse, what you need to get a job, and what you are lacking

This takes careful thought, it's not just your positives, its your negatives too. How can these be turned around?

S kills and qualifications

Where can you get them and will they meet your needs?

T arget where you look,

Maybe you need a new direction if the old line of work has closed, its time to look elsewhere

A ctions speak louder then words

Tell them of your successes and why they should employ you

R eady for action

The interview the journey and the job. Do you have everything you need to hand, for example, bus timetable, map suit and shirt ironed and ready, bus fare and all documentation (i.e. passport, driving license and First Aid Certificate?)

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