Where do we start?

Remember - All is fair !

  • There are plenty of employment websites, you can register on
    and many of them are free!

  • Some are run by companies that may want money off you. Some are run by trade associations or businesses, and fees may be charged to the company that employs you. You may have to pay a fee to register.

  • If you intend to hand over any money to an internet employment agency, make sure they can really offer you something, you may have to take a deep look at yourself. Do you have any prospects or potential in the field you are interested, or they represent? Remember a company may chose to accept your registration and fee, without offering you a realistic view on their chances of finding you employment you are looking for.

  • Research companies you are interested in; many have sections on their websites entitled ‘vacancies' or ‘working for us'.

  • Don't stop there, look at their competition! Also do they have any new contracts? What about their suppliers, are they hiring at all?
  • All is fair when looking for a job – use them!
  • Networking, asking people to pass the word around or check with their contacts in fields and businesses you are interested in.
  • Asking someone to put a word in for you is one of the most powerful tools you may have. If they are respected and valued in the workplace, that is a hook!

Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 10-15% of jobs are obtained through the Jobcentre
  • 15-20% through agencies etc
  • Over 75% are through contacts
  • This means family, friends, acquaintances, and past and present colleagues and employers

Six degrees of seperation

Sociologists talk about six degrees of separation. This means that only six people separate you from Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, the Prime Minister, and anyone else well known or you want to work for. This is very important, try it!
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